Hi guys,

Here's a good movie about genetically modified food. Please watch and spread the awareness.

At 36:15, there's an interview with a veterinarian who raises concerns about genetically modified corn and soybeans in pet food being the primal cause of lots of health issues cats and dogs suffer from.

Corn and soybeans have no business being pet food anyways! Corn causes food allergies, digestive issues, obesity, etc. soy acts as a hormone and can cause hyperthyroidism.
The "funny" thing is that about 90% of corn produced in the USA is genetically engineered, so it's quite unlikely natural corn lands in pet food, considering that sometimes even humans themselves have problems finding it on the market. However I'm NOT saying natural corn is safe for pets, nor that it should be used instead of GM corn. Not at all. But I do wonder if GM corn as opposed to natural corn adds to the problem, and how great this addition is.

I don't know if you've watched the movie, but they mention lots of reports by farmers who switched their cattle from GM to natural corn. Once they did that, the health of the cattle improved greatly, and death rate dropped low. Since GM crops are not good for herbivores, they obviously can't be good for carnivores like cats and dogs whose digestive systems, apart from anything else, are not meant to deal with grains. So GMO looks like another factor that worsens the problem. Anyhow I feel like I'm starting to rant lol.
LOL, welcome to the rant club. Emotion: big smile
Ugh, I'm at a point where I can't pay attention to this kind of stuff anymore, sometimes ignorance is bliss. When I try to educate people about his I get "the crazy look" Emotion: sad
Oh I feel bad now, I had no idea! This is horrible, does anyone know how it is in Europe?
Sorry Lierra, I have no idea how it is in Europe... I actually don't even know how it is in Russia, lol. I do hope GMO food is not so wide spread in our countries though. Well, at least, I don't generally eat corn and soya, so...

Omnia, but you don't have to educate people about it... you can just do what you think to be right and share your thoughts with those who are open minded. I never talk about this stuff with people who aren't ready to understand the importance of this information, or at least to accept my opinion as it is without giving me odd looks.