hi there, i have a five month old golden retriever-she's amazing! I'm starting to get concerned though. she seems to be getting very protective of her bones..not always just when she's in deep thought and chewing. She grawles at me when I go for the bones sometimes..the other day she was chewing her bone and my 4yr old went to pet her and she snaped at her:( I didn't know what to do..I crated her and took the bone away! Can you please give me some valuble advise? she's amazing and playful with the kids in every other way! I can't just let this go!
I guess some dogs will always have that specific behaviour: when they are eating or playing, they can become very aggressive. I don't think you should tolerate this as you have a small child in the house and the dog's behaviour can become a real problem. But since your Retriever is still very young, you should train the dog not to be dominant. Have you already tried to train her? I am not a specialist in dog training but what about obedience training? She should realize that you're the leader in your family and obey you. Try non-aggressive games such as fetching, and any other game that encourages team work. Does the pup respond to any commands now, by the way?
Hi there 'i am not a trainer ' i do have a golden retreiver 3 yrs old.

When i was a child we had a dog ' who growled when ever he had some thing in his mouth 'hence i was afraid of him.

So since my dog was a puppy i taught her to drop what ever she had in her mouth on command . or trade for some thing else 'like a treat, then praise her. i thought it a good idea as if i take her out she may pick up a thing or 2 that may be bad for her to eat so i must be abled to go and ask her to drop it or this i did >> train her to let me look into her mouth when ever i want. '' trust respect and love , very important. So since she was a 8 week old pup i looked in her mouth all the time even when she was eating. Same goes for mouthing us' as soon as she touched any one with her teeth on our skin we just would say OWWWW Owww ' if she continued ' we walked away & play would stop, she soon learned not to touch us with her teeth even when playing..

My pup was a rescue from a bunch of movie dogs' that they gave away bcuz they all got deadly sick , i' am retired so i looked after her and taught her things i never knew i could, like sitting outside with her at the back door opened while we had a thunder storm and lightning ' i would try and take lightning pictures and she'd look around sort of thinking gee Mom's not scared' lol so now i take her out when its stormy 'loud gun shots at the dikes & she just figures its part of life. Halloween is not scary for her. But its sad for the dogs who are so terrified . i hope you can work it out 'remmember i 'am not a trainer. good luck .
Your dog is exhibiting dominant behavior. It is very important that you put an immediate stop to this. Your dog does not see you as a leader or respect you. Because she is very young you should be able to train this behavior out of her.

First you need to establish yourself as a leader of your pack. You need to be able to communicate the right way with your dog. You should praise her whenever she does something that you want (such as giving the bone up without growling) and ignore the bad behavior. This will take some extensive work on your part, but do not become discouraged. A good way to get your puppy used to having things taken from her is by taking her toys and bones from her. Often. Do not give in if she growls, take the bone. Also, DO NOT play tug of war with your puppy unless you win. Tug of War is a game played in the wild to establish dominance. Many people let their dog win in tug of war which tells the dog that they are in charge. Take her food away from her as she is eating. If she growls or snaps, give a firm "NO!" and stomp your foot towards her. (Do not be afraid to touch her as well. Remember, in the wild, a dog would be corrected physically by the alpha dog. I am not encouraging smacking her, but a firm nudge with your hand says "I am in charge.")

You should also be able to handle every part of your dogs body. Get her used to you running your hands over her, picking up her feet, and stroking her. This will help numerous people in their care of her including veterinarians and groomers. I work at a dog daycare and I cannot tell you how many dogs it takes three of us to hold just to cut their nails. Proper training as a puppy would easily remedy this.

Your puppy is showing blatant disrespect by growling. Right now it is a cute "puppy thing" but if left untreated it could become a problem. Right now she is only growling at your daughter; what are you going to do if she bites her? An awesome tool for you would be to enroll your dog in an obedience class. Skip over the Petsmart puppy classes and find a private trainer that either offers in home instruction or group classes. (Preferably one that offers both.) Enroll her in one or both of these. These classes will show you how to be a clear leader to your dog and keep her well adjusted. One of the chief complaints that I hear when I suggest training is "But it is so expensive." I always counter this with "How expensive do you think it is going to be to pay the vet bill/hospital bill when your dog bites another dog or person?" Training is not that expensive and you should be able to find one that suits your needs. Do not be afraid to go to more than one trainer, or to go through more than one. You want one that you and your dog both connect with.

Every dog should have the chance to be well adjusted and happy. By being a good leader, you are allowing your dog to literally "be all she can be". I have included some articles below on being a good leader. Another good idea is to watch the Dog Whisperer (Cesar Milan) on TV or video. He has some awesome tips.

Good luck and remember to not give up! If you have any other questions please ask. I'll be glad to go into more detail about anything.