Hello people,

Please help me if you have had the same problem ever.

My cat is 5 years old, he is an entire male (not neutered). Some time ago we noticed that his tail is greasy at the top near base. At first we thought that he just got into something waxy, but over a sufficiently long period of time, it did not go away. We tried to wash him but it didn't help. What and how serious is that? How can this be helped?
I've heard that it's normal for non-neutered male cats.
This condition is called cat stud tail or seborrhea of the tail. Caused by over secretion of the sebaceous and/or apocrine glands. If you part the hair in the area, you'll prolly notice an accumulation of waxy brown stuff. This problem can occur in any cat but it is most common in unneutered males. Cats suffering from stud tail can also have a bacterial infection along with it. Not necessarily though.

Treatment tips:
Wash the tail twice a day with a medicated cat shampoo.
Brush the area regularly to prevent matting.
Switch your cat to a natural, healthier diet.
Neutering may relieve the condition in males.