Okay, so, I love to crochet. I sit on my couch while I watch TV and do my thing. I have my yarn sitting next to me on my left and the arm of the couch is on my right. My cats, Luna and Princess, will often sit on the arm or on the back of the couch, but almost never on my left, unless I'm crocheting. When I crochet, trhe both of them love to lay on top of the yarn, I'm assuming because they know that they get my attention then. Luna will still let me crochet, but I have to keep pulling the yarn from underneath her, but Princess goes nuts if I try to pull the yarn, she attacks it like crazy.
My problem is that I feel guilty if I move them off of it, like they are showing that they love me and I'm just casting them aside, but they know this, that's the problem, ugh!
If it's not the yarn, then it's the book, or the newspaper, or the clean clothes, or the .....(whatever)...... Cats demand ALL of your attention, and nothing else in the whole world matters as much as THEY do. LOL
and they only demand it when your busy! my cat loves me the most when im leaving the house or before we got married and was in seperate countrys i would talk to my husband on the comp...gizmo would lay across my arms so i couldnt type knowing i wouldnt move him but thats one of the things you have to love about cats <3
kittehlewisand they only demand it when your busy!
That's exactly right! When I want to sit down and cuddle with one of my cats, they don't have time for me. As soon as I get busy with something THEN they want to cuddle! The little stinkers! Emotion: giggle
Yeah I agree with the girls. I'm not sure if there's anything particular you can do, Lunameower. My cat would want to sit on my arm when I'm supposed to read or write! He does the same with my mom, so sometimes she ends up givig up everything just to please himand let him sit on her lap. He won't let her do anything else anyway. Emotion: giggle The good thing is that he is at least OK when she moves him off to the couch in a while and keeps doing what she had been doing before. He's usually satisfied and starts sleeping on his own. He's never so loyal with me though, lol.

I don't think you should feel guilty about it, it's just their nature! Emotion: smile
i find with gizmo it helps if i act as though i want his "help" then he looses all interest worth a shot Emotion: smile though if i dont give him enough attention he spends all night playing the guitar...