My guinea pig won't sit still in her cage, she runs all over the place. When I take her on my arms to walk with her around the room she'll try to jump out! Is this natural guinea pig behavior or mine is hyper? This is my first guinea pig, she's a cutie ^^ have had her for a month.
My guinea pigs used to get hyper and happy and jump around, it's called popcorning! Young guinea pigs are usually full of energy.
If she runs around her cage, perhaps she's bored! You could give her rabbit or other rodent toys, toilet paper rolls, or foods like carrots and celery for her to nibble on.

I think it's pretty natural, and she should calm down as she ages Emotion: smile
Thnks! She's young yes, 9 months old. ^^ She has a wheel in her cage but looks like she doesn't like it. I gotta try other toys.
Other toys would probably help! Emotion: smile