Can I use a human hair clipper on a dog? We used it on a cat once and all was ok but a dog's hair is harder and thicker so I'm not sure it's a good idea. Our dog is a Standard Schnauzer.
it's best not to clip your dogs hair by yourself if you are not a professional groomer if your still gonna do it though i advise you get a book about grooming and learn about all the different combs and clippers and coat types just to be on the safe side. I do think it should be ok to use human clippers though.
But I thought hair clippers were safe no? I mean they are used even for kids so I really thought I would be okay for dogs too. Besides we had no probs with our cat. Am I missing something?
human hair is different than animal hair, though there are certain breeds that have coats that should be ok with it there are coats that are a bit more complex to groom and you should know what you are doing, you can look online for mor information about your dog breed and see what coat he has and how to clip it properly