hi everyone
my 1 year old dwarf hamster is itching himslef too often now, looks like he's got fleas. is it possible? can hamsters get fleas at all? and what can i get rid of them?
by the way, i have no other pets in the house
Droopy has asked a totally fair question about begging. Cedar and pine bedding can cause an allergy or respiratory problems in small animals so better be avoided. Aspen should be fine.
it is possible of course! most probably you brought one in on your shoe from outside best thing to do is go to your pet shop/vet and ask for flea/mite stuff make sure its right for hamsters there only little cat flea spot on would be to strong for a hamster. and give the cage a good clean too also it would be a good idea to have a good hoover about with flea stuff the little buggers breed like mad your be suprised how fast your house can fill up with them!
Yes hamsters can get fleas, but itching can be caused by lice or an allergy as well. What bedding do you use?
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