I have a question. Does it make sense to feed hamsters dried vegetables and dried fruit? Because hamsters are supposed to have fresh food daily.
And how much of the dry vegetables for our little rodent friends?

Dry vegetables? I've never heard of that Emotion: smile

I don't know much about hamsters - So I give "mine" hamster food, and some apperitives for hamsters as well (I think they are fruit).

And there is always some lettuce in his cage. (fresh, of course) Emotion: smile
I give fresh food each day, since they take up fluids from it as well. I rarely give dry vegetable/fruit and I wouldn't use them as a replacement. Only as a snack.
Sometimes I gave dried apples as a treat and it was eagerly eaten, however I never gave it often because hamsters are supposed to get more vegetables than fruit. I gave fresh food every evening so I don't see dry vegetable/fruit as an alternative.


If it makes sense or not, like with other "delicacies", dried fruit should not replace the fresh food. It is gladly taken by many hamsters however. Especially for the more chubby hamsters it is a more healthy "delicacy" alternative.