Hey all,

My husband used to have a hamster when a child. This was rather a naughty hamster because when he was out of a cage, he liked getting into a wardrobe and nibbling at grandma's dress. Oh, she was just furious at the rodent, hehe.

What about your hamsters? Have they ever caused any damage like that, or you prefer not to let them out of a cage?
Any time I let my little rodent out of a cage, I watch him. He's so tiny that it is not a big deal to get into trouble... so nibbling is not a problem at all since I just don't allow him to do any "wrong" things

Was grandma furious after such a modern upgrade of the dress? Emotion: big smile
Well honestly, hamsters have to be watched and you had better not let them out of sight when they are out of a cage. Sadly, I know many accidents when hamsters were damaged or killed by incautious owners!
The other day I put the hamster out of her cage, and guess what she did!

She went back to her little house, like a good hamster she is! Emotion: smile
Wow really a good one! Emotion: big smile Maybe it was a bit stressy for her to find herself out of a cage hehe. Every pet has such unique habits!
Maybe, it was so funny to see how she went back to it!

I should have recorded it, next time I'll do it again and see if she does it! Emotion: stick out tongue
Yeah prepare a camera next time, I'd gladly see that! Emotion: wink But aren't you afraid she'll get used to auncagedlife? Emotion: stick out tongue
I hope not! Emotion: stick out tongue
Ah, I used to have a hamster when I was little, these poor creatures. Buy one don't let them be lonely and die.Emotion: crying