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Yep. People look at Dachshunds, particularly Minis, and think "oh ... "oh how totally clueless you are and pleease don't change!!"

they may fool us hoomans, but they sure can't fool Lola. she'**** of Doxies, the smaller the eeeviler. have you ever seen a pit bull roll onto her back for a mini-Doxie? it's a funny sight indeed.[/nq]LOL. Believe it or not I have seen a Pit Bull petrified of a Min. Dachshund. My niece & her now-ex had gotten a Pit puppy last year and brought him over to hang out for an evening. He was only about 4-5mo, IIRC, and he went tromping past Pebbles with the tail going a mile a minute. It thwacked her in the head so she went vicious on him. He hadn't even seen her in the house at that point so here comes this little demon dog baring teeth, growling with the intent of latching onto whatever appendage was closest to her mouth.

Cane jumped backwards as I grabbed Pebbles. For the next several hours he would avert his eyes if she looked at him and when she was looking away he'd start crawling on his belly towards her. It was truly hysterical. He just couldn't figure out what he'd done wrong and why this little dog hated him so much.

There is something refreshing when a dog has the sense of security that it will push a little.

I agree. It was always the greatest moment with my foster dogs. Getting them home, healthy and teaching them that they're indoor pets now was always pleasing but it was when their spunk started showing, when they started thinking for themselves and when they'd start testing the "hmm, can I get away with this?" waters that was the best.
Sounds like she's bloomed.

She certainly has. It took a long time to come about but when she finally decided to completely relax & be herself the change was huge. Any loud voices in the house, things like talking over the television, would cause her to run & curl up in the back corner of her crate. A stern tone of voice would produce the same. Some days I wouldn't mind it if she reverted to not helping herself to the furniture & then sprawling out to take up every square inch of seating surface possible but, oh well, that's the small price I pay for having such a joy in the home Emotion: smile

Happy "Got Day" to Fancy. I am glad she found you and she has bloomed into a confident dog. Tell Fancy that those little dogs sure can be hard to handle at times.

Thanks. Fancy, and every other Boxer that has come into this house learned right away that the little dog is Queen and that she absolutely will bite when provoked.

Happy Got Day Fancy!