I've just learnt that today, 1st March, is an International Cat Day in Russia. I don't quite understand why it's called "international" while we seem the only ones that "celebrate" it but whatever! I hope kitties from all over the world will have a bit of fun and treats today. Emotion: catEmotion: party

That's interesting:
World Cats Day is celebrated in the USA on October 29th, in Russia on March 1st, and in Poland on February 17th. Wikipedia says the World Cat Day is on August 8th.
Isn't it all a bit confusing? LOL
i KNEW there was a reason i was stalking petfinder.com even more than usual Emotion: wink
Wonderful idea! I didn't know such a day existed! I am a bit late but I'll give Miky a few more treats anyway. Emotion: smile
HELLO everybody! I am Lara... I have two cats. their name are kitty and tiger! they are 6 months. You know? I didn't know that there's such a day for cats in the world! but I AM SO HAPPY and I'm sure that cats deserve it....right?