Can pls somebody tell me a difference between Havanese and Bichon Frise dog breeds? I only know Bichons are all white while Havenese are not. I also have a co worker who keeps saying he has a Havanese Bichon Frise and this makes me completely confused! Thank you.
"Bichons" is a family of dogs to which Bichon Frise and Havanese both belong. Bichon Frise dogs always have a white coat and Havanese dogs can have any coat color. I hope this helps.
While both dogs come under the Bichon family and are hypo-allergenic, they have slightly different personalities and very different looks. Bichon Frises are literally white puffball-ed dogs. They have white curly hair that never stops growing, and therefore needs to be cut every 4 weeks or so. Havaneses, on the other hand, can either have wavy, curly or corded coats, which stop a little above the ground, and don't have to be cut. Bichon Frises are more calm and independent while Havaneses become extremely attached to their owners, and tend to be more energetic. Havaneses enjoy exercise more as well. Bichon Frises accept most people and animals and Havaneses love everything and everyone. Bichon Frises are also slightly taller than Havaneses. There are plenty more differences but this is all I can think of at the moment. I hope this helps, and makes sense.

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Your post was very helpful-thank you.. Doing some research Bichon Fries vs Havanese. I need another dog in my life now that I'm retired-and thought of these two. We're used to and love German Shepherds (quite a difference I know-Emotion: embarrassed- but we're old and have less land but I want the companionship and love to give.
I own a 7 year old "rescue" Bichon, whose previous owner died while walking him. Yes, a very sad story. He is an amazing dog. He is perfect for someone retired, as he will sit by you all day and let you read to him, and then just a 20 minute stroll around the neighborhood or park and he is ready to hear more stories. I love my bichon, and my vets have said they are "better" than Havi's. Our new vet said they are the "best" dogs. .... Both are wonderful, but I love my bichon....you do have to trim their hair from time to time, by I do it myself and it is a very fun thing. They are always white with curly hair--my little boy loves baths, so he stays nice and clean too!

My havanese passed in November and we just got a bichon who is 3 and a rescue. My havanese was a "runt" 6 pounds, 2 inch legs , the new dog is 20 pounds. Havanese are the most gentle, playful companion dogs you could as for. They also don't bark like Maltese (a real blessing I think). They train more easily because they just want to make you happy. That said, our new dog- at 3, and after 6 terrible months ending in a kill shelter- is a dog, in the best sense. Also very, very affectionate. He has attached to me(I'm again the alpha) and really wants to please me. But he needs exercise , I have to let him run, fetch , or play or he gets into slippers, etc., I hope that helps! I think, either way you'll be very happy. Also- there are lots of small dogs/ pure bred, if that's important who desperately need homes😢

It depends on the dogs. My bichon is actually pretty high strung and quite a little barker. She is also adorable and very entertaining. My own little circus dog. While my havanese is the calm one. And doesn’t bark much at all. They call havanese dogs Velcro dogs because they get so attached to their owners. But mine really doesn’t. She’s pretty laid back. My bichon is the more clingy one. Both are highly intelligent although I dare say the Bichon is a little bit smarter. They are both wonderful dogs!!

I live in the NYC/ Long Island area. How can I find a toy Havapoo (1st choice) or a Havanese? Excellent reputable Shelter or Breeder that is not a farm?