This last summer in Prescott, AZ I caught a lizard - some type of whiptail (stripes and a blue tail). Maybe one of these:

After we got her she laid eggs... if that matters for any help with her.

She now has tremors... pretty bad. Her toes shake and as of the last couple of days it seems to be happening in her body.
She does get calcium supplementation and has a UV light. She eats mostly mealworms and crickets... more crickets because she seems to prefer those. We did have a batch of "odd" mealworms that turned completely white - really weird... not sure if they were somehow exposed to a toxin that is effecting the lizard (Blue Stripeman is her name).
She does not seem to be doing well... over the last few days the tremors are getting worse. Any ideas? Any hope? We have grown rather fond of her...


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