What color is a healthy dog's tongue? My Cocker Spaniel is 6 years old, very active and robust. But his tongue color is pale blueish-white to pinkish. After long running or an active game, he often breaths heavily. Is it normal?
A dog's tongue can vary in colour, depending on the pigments in their system. (My one dog's tongue is bubble-gum pink, and the other dog's is black and pink.) If it has always been the same colour, then there is nothing to worry about. However, if it used to be very pink and then faded out, and you're worried, then have your vet do a checkup on him. Chances are it's probably nothing ...

Heavy breathing after activity is perfectly normal.

Most dogs have pink tongues, but some breeds such as the Chow chow and Shar Pei have blue-black tongues and it's totally fine.

Usually, when the dog's tongue becomes pale blue, it's a sigh of a lack of Oxygen in the blood, which happens because of suffocation or breathing problems. This condition is called cyanosis. If your dog's pink tongue and gums often get blue with no obvious reason, I'd recommend a visit to a vet as soon as possible.