Healthy homemade dog food recipes offer you as the pet lover a means to give your pet the best life possible. Your dog relies on what you feed it to stay healthy and feeling good. If you do not care what you are putting into your dog, then it is time to rethink if you should be caring for her at all.
Dogs that are not fed right can become ill, develop allergies, need more vet visits, and become nutritionally starved. Making your own dog food offer you the chance to give your dog the best he should get and still keep your cost low.
Knowing Where To StartThere are a few things you should know before you start to make your own dog food. Real healthy homemade dog food recipes take into consideration a few key things. Dog's have daily intake requirements just like humans and this needs to be noted and maintained. You will also need to consider your dog's age, size, sex, and energy level when meal planning. Your vet is a great place to start when you are gathering information for later use.

They can tell you the percentages of food groups you need, what to avoid, and how much to feed your dog at each sitting. Just finding random dog food recipes may seem like a good idea, but if you have no idea what type of dog this person was cooking for than you could be hurting your dog, not helping. The Actual Recipe Contents
Your dog food should not only be easy to make but well balanced nutritionally. Healthy homemade dog food recipes should offer the right ingredients that are cost effective and what your dog needs. The most expensive ingredient in your dog's diet is the meat he needs. You can save by shopping at the local butcher for sale meats or meat ends. These are usually cheaper. The rest of your dog's diet is very cost effective. Pasta is inexpensive as well as rice, frozen vegetables, and potatoes. Be sure to follow your vet's recommendation of the amounts to use. Stay away from too many grains, fats, and fillers. These offer nothing for your dog's health. You will also want to be sure to feed your dog as directed by his vet.
Amounts And Storage
The key to healthy homemade dog food recipes is amount and ease of storage. There are literally thousands of recipes to choose from and you will have to determine what works for you and what does not. The best way to avoid spending useless hours on the computer is to know what you want first, before searching. Wet foods have shorter storage time than dry foods. You will also need to make sure that you are viewing recipes of the right size. If you want to make enough food for a large dog for a week you will want to note that in your search. Raw and wet foods will need to be refrigerated or frozen, while dry food can be stored in air tight containers at room temperature.

Dog Food Secrets:

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