It's been extremely hot these days and I had an Idea to make some popsicles for the dogs at the shelter but I am looking for some ideas of what to put in them besides peanut butter and yogurt which isn't the healthiest thing.. I found a recipe that includes carrots bananas and liver that sounds like something they would like but I was wondering if any of you have any other ideas? I want to make them as healthy as possible because there are nursing mothers and other dogs that too much sweet won't be healthy for them and I don't want to include them out...
Sorry I don't know any, I don't even have a dog, but I'd think it's okay to mix veggies and fruits that are not toxic for them? Emotion: thinking To be honest it's the first time I hear about popsicle for dogs! I didn't know you could give that to them.
well since its basically just healthy ingredients that you freeze in water it is perfectly fine to give it to them but like you said the catch is finding fruits and veggies that aren't toxic.. I did some research and a lot of people say apples and oranges are very healthy for them but as far as I know they are actually toxic.. so it's hard to know :\
From what I've heard, oranges are not toxic if given in small amounts and as long as the peel and seeds are not ingested. Those contain certain types of oils and acids that can cause nervous system problems if eaten too much.
On the other hand, they say some dogs just don't like the taste of this citrus fruit.
If I had a dog I would probably not give it oranges, at least no more than one-two slices a day, because it's somewhat a sugary fruit and as we all know sugar is not the healthiest thing for pets. Obviously it might be a good occasional treat.
How much orange do you need in the recipe?
Carrots and bananas should be fine I think. Emotion: smile
well there are no oranges in that recipe but I went online and did a search "Healthy\Safe fruits and veggies for dogs" because I wanted to make different kinds (not all dogs like the same things) and some articles said its extremely healthy some say it can be toxic which is what I have always known I never feed my dog citrus fruit, apples, grapes, watermelon, tomatoes and onions etc
I'd rather be safe then sorry though, there are many different dogs there different ages and different situations I can't take the chance and give them something and hope it's gonna be ok you know? So I'm looking for things that are definitely safe and I can be sure it won't harm any of them.. all the places I've looked said strawberry's are also great I also read about it in a book once so I was thinking strawberry banana ones and liver\chicken carrots and bell peppers Emotion: smile
It may not be the healthiest option but mixing peanut butter and a small amount of bacon or other meat grease with some oats and pop it in the freezer, that will cool your pup off for a little while.Emotion: wave