I've been doing a ton of reading about how to choose the best and healthiest wet cat food but I feel I'm more confused than when I started! To make a long story short, here's what I've understood so far:

1) it should contain real meat instead of by-products
2) no fish (at least not on a regular basis) because of contamination concern
3) no gluten/wheat/corn/soy
4) no rice and other grains
6) high protein ( > 50%), low carb ( < 10%)
7) no guar gum
8) no carrageenan

Am I in the right direction? Well even if so I'm afraid there's no brand that meets all these requirements! Please share your thoughts.
I don't know that you'll find the perfect food to meet all of these requirements. There really isn't such a thing out there. BUT! I feed only grain free, gluten free food to my cats. The brands I feed are Soulistic, Nature's Variety (which is a great source of meat and protein), one particularly flavor only of Petguard which is the Premium Feast Dinner, Evo, etc. Believe me, I do constantly research on pet foods and what's safe and good for them and you'll probably not find the perfect one. You'll have to feed what you think is the best. What about a raw food diet?

So I was right, but I don't get it. The criteria of the healthy food is known but no one produces it! How come?
I'll take a look at those brands, thanks a million. Honestly I've not considered a raw food diet because I imagined it was time consuming to maintain and sometimes my time is very limited. So a healthy wet food looked a better idea to me, the more so my cats are on a wet diet now so switching wouldn't be a prob.
Because most companies are driven by money. But there are some good foods. As I said those are the ones I feed my two cats now. When Alex was alive I knew NOTHING about pet food and what it could do to her. When I got Finney and Lacey, I was determined to start off right and stay that way. They've never eaten any foods with grains and junk and they are doing great! You can get premade/prefrozen raw. I'd try these brands of wet food first since they already eat wet food. Then maybe you could try some frozen raw and feed them one meal of raw food per day and the rest wet food.
Thanks a million for your reply once again. Incidentally, any particular reason you don't feed a raw diet?
Because they are stubborn little poopheads!!!! LOL. Lacey will eat raw once in awhile but Finnegan won't go for it at all. He's so so so stubborn. I've tried all the tricks I know and he won't do it. I tried putting raw gizzards down once. Lacey used the heart as a hockey puck across the kitchen. Then she dipped her paw in the liver, shook it and splatted it all over the wall. Funny but gross and I had a mess to clean up. But it was funny. LOL. Finney, just walked off with a disgusted look on his face. sigh. Believe me I wish!!!!
alfinnlayBecause they are stubborn little poopheads!!!! LOL. Lacey will eat raw once in awhile but Finnegan won't go for it at all. He's so so so stubborn. I've tried all the tricks I know and he won't do it.
Are you sure about the quality of the meat you offer them? All my experience with cats says they will never ever eat meat that is not natural enough. I know it sounds like nonsense because meat is supposed to be natural but we can never know how it had been produced and stored before it reached our table. That means, what did the cows eat? What antibiotics? What chemicals to increase their weight gain rate? Did their diet include any genetically modified organisms? How was the meat stored? Is it fresh enough?
Quite complex, I know, but cats are very sensitive and picky about what they eat. In fact I'd be VERY wary about meat that my cat refuses to eat.
well it really depends on what your local pet store carries.. you should basically stay away from fillers like corn, weat and such and look at the ingredients at the back or just look for reviews online (better not go on petco and read reviews on science diet and pro plan of people saying "5 stars - this is awesome my cat loves it" but look for professional reviews that talk about the actual food and health value). Also when a food says just "meat" its usually general meat it could be any kind of animal which could be anything.. so look for "chicken" and such.

as far as I've read until now orijen is 100% FOOD no fillers, no shady stuff, 75% actual meat (which they describe what kind it is, not just general meat), fish and chicken and 25% veggies and fruits the amazing thing is they actually grow the stuff themselves like the chickens and don't use different drugs in them which is amazing, (and its actually why I'm kinda scared of raw diet because of all the stuff they put in meat and chicken these days.. I still guess it would be better then leftovers of the same meat though which is basically what the comment above stated, what i think is they only eat it because its filled with so much * insert inappropriate word here* and stuff to make it taste and smell good and thats the only thing that makes them even want to go near it) , the only bad thing is they don't make wet food yet but their dry food is an excellent example of what to look for.

if it has a bit of rice (actual rice and not brewers Rice) its not that bad because although it doesn't have any value nutrition wise it won't do harm like other fillers would, so yeah I would suggest going to the store seeing what they carry look at the back (as opposed to looking at the brand name or price) and seeing what it contains and if something looks good go ahead and search for online reviews. If you still can't find anything maybe look into ordering online.
Check out PureVita wet canned cat food as well as Hound and Gatos wet canned cat food.