Has anyone successfully used heating cables, as pictured here:

http://www.livefoodshop.co.uk/catalog/product info.php?products id=457&osCsid=037770b3fd3e3a520d225d3993efa771

as a source of heating for snake enclosures, in particular, to supply heat to multi-enclosures in a bank system?
If so, what is the best way to go about installing them.

What I am considering is having a bank of enclosures within a framework of 7x7ft, which will consist of two 7x2x2ft tanks at the bottom (the second one dividible if neccessary) with the remaining 3ft above divided up into 18", 24" and 36" long enclosures ... so basically ending up with either 8 or 9 enclosures in the one unit.
My only problem is heating all this, economically, but also providing proper thermal gradients within each enclosure. I know, I know ... I want the impossible!!! LOL!
I have also considered placing 6" gaps between each layer of enclosures, and using tube heating but this will cut down on available housing space. Although if this is the best and more economical way to go then I'll certainly consider it.
Any advice or suggestions will be most welcome Emotion: smile

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