Hi this winter my cat's coat is so bad. He's been shedding intensively and there's also dander visible on his back. Can dry air cause this? He's shorthaired but I have so much fur in the house! We haven't changed his diet (he's on wet food).
did you visit the vet? sudden shedding can be caused by a health problem, especially if he is an older cat or this is not his first winter with you but it has never happened before. different cats have different coat types and even short haired cats can shed sometimes a lot. this could also be related to his diet even though you did not change it recently a kitten that grows up for example can sometimes need a different diet then he used to and in a similar manner a cat that has gotten older may need a different diet. I would suggest visiting the vet, any problem with him that is causing the shedding can be checked by the vet and hopefully solve this.
Hi thanks for your fast reply.
The change wasn't all that sudden but the condition has been slowly deteriorating since the beginning of winter so I kinda blamed the season. He's 7 yo btw. He doesn't have any symptoms other than that.
Well most people think shedding only happens at the winter but it actually happens all year long just like human hair and much like us excessive shedding is a cause of concern when it is not something that normally happens. if he is 7yo and this never happened to this extent before I would suggest you visit the vet because this is around the age where it is best to visit the vet once a year for a check because they are getting older (he is not old at all just 'older') and this is when some problems may start. Shedding doesn't necessarily mean he is sick (although cats don't really show too much signs until they are very weak because in the wild it is not smart to show everyone you are weak right?) so making sure you note every little change is very important, cats like routine and everyday is the same so eating and drinking less then usual may be a cause of concern as well of loss of furr more then usual but again he may be trying to hide the problem or he may just have a small issue of dry skin or lack of some sort of vitamin there can be many causes for this but anything that is unusual especially in a cat his age should deff be looked at by a vet.
I know shedding happens all year long but what I'm wondering about is whether dry air can have such an effect on a cat's coat. Anyway gotcha. No guess can replace a vet appointment. Thanks again!
I know you said he's on wet food but what kind. If he's eating food with grains that's usually filled with so much corn it can cause skin allergies. Grains are just pure sugar. Try feeding something that's grain free and a good quality protein. Also, you can use some kitty wipes that are chemical free and put some moisture back in his coat. Brush him often and get the oils going. Omega oils are also really good, like a drop of salmon or fish oil in his food once a day.
And YES, dry air definitely can do this as well, especially if the kitty is older and is producing less oil. (sorry I didn't check your cat's age before responding so I don't know). Emotion: embarrassed
Yes because it can dry the skin which can cause excessive shedding, But has there been a drastic change in the weather recently or something? because if you have been living in the same place for pretty much most of the time and it was a problem with dryness he may have experienced this longer.. if you did move or change anything or the weather changed lately this could also be a stress problem ..