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Happy holidays to you all.
I have a Jack Russell (3) (named Tick) (very very calm nature) and a Bassett (7 months) and a cat (named Harley). The Bassett (named Jasmine...we call her Jazz) is already house trained and just a great sweet dog. She gets along great with Tick and my 3 sons. My husband adores her and we cant hug her and kiss her enough. The cat is not afraid of the dogs, she is generally a friendly cat.A problem that is beginning to worry me, is that whenever the cat is around, Jazz constantly whines and cries at the cat. The very first time she saw the cat, this is what she did. Now, however, she corners the cat and chases the cat, and pulls the cat down from the table, when she jumps up there. I don't really know if this is leading toward more violent behavior on Jazz's part, or maybe just her maturing is changing the nature of her behavior. In anycase, the cat stays put, and does not seem to understand what the heck is going on.

We have a baby gate at the hallway where the bedrooms are, so Jazz cannot get past that point (she is too messy for my nice carpets). Jazz is confined to the kitchen, living room, dining room, and deck and fenced in yard and also, we have a doggie door so they can come and go as they please. Sometimes, she chases the cat outside and this behavior continues all over the back yard until the cat can get away.
I should also mention that while we were potty training Jazz, at the end, the only time she would pee in the house was when the cat was around, and always in the same spot under the dining room table. I almost considered it marking her territory, but I am not sure that female dogs do that. Once I figured that out, I scooted her outside when the cat was around and she finally got the hint not to pee at all in the house. However, the whining continues.
Can anyone offer advise or similar situations/solutions? Should I be concerned?
Thanks very much
<I'm completely unqualified to help with your big problem, but someone here will be. I am totally qualified to tell you that female dogs do, in fact, mark territory. I have a mad marker who dribbles on every scent that isn't hers. I caught her doing it Xmas Eve at my mother's house on the comforter Mom keeps on the sofa because her dog is a submissive urinator at times. Zelda got a whiff of it and squatted. I yelled at her and she still looked pleased with herself. Hah!
Maybe the dog wants to play with the cat?
"Ulah" (Email Removed) wrote >
Maybe the dog wants to play with the cat?
Thanks for the reply. Yes, its very possible the dog wants just to play, because nothing violent has occurred. But the dog is relentless in its whining and following the cat, and this sometimes can last for an hour or more. I worry that it might lead to something bad, but right now its more of a nuisance. Occasionally, there will be some cat hair pulled out, but I get a handful of cat hair by just petting the cat sometimes (long haired cat).

I did not know females mark territory, thanks for that info. I would not have though of it, from your story-I would have assumed the dog was nervous from being away from home but now I am better informed! Maybe someone else will add their opinion so I can get a better grip on my problem with the cat! You have a good mom for letting your dog come over..my mom discourages it.