Hello guys it's been a while hasn't it? I'm not sure if any of you even remember me!

Life has been very busy for me. It's not been great and I am currently involved in a court case (don't worry I didn't do anything, I am the victim) and I'm on prozac because I am severely depressed.

BUT! I am proud to announce 3 things;

- Luna will be 1 on the 24th of this month!
- Luna has finally gone offlead around a strange dog! I have cracked it! My dog whilst not perfect is not the aggressive beast people have portrayed her to be!
- My cotton gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens on 15/06/2010. She had 1 black/white boy (Nemo), a pure white girl (Cassie), a white girl with 2 grey markings (Lacey), a white boy with 3 grey markings (Gwyn) and a white boy with a grey paw mark (Casper).

They are currently 3 weeks and 2 days old! The birth was very fast when things got going and mum and babies are all fine. I am keeping Nemo, Cassie and Gwyn. My mum is having Casper and my friend is having Lacey.

I'm going to share a few pictures with you all now, well, a lot of pictures!!!

Other pics....

(missing image)

(missing image)

(missing image)
Great to hear from you, of course we remember you and in fact Lana and I got a bit worried!
I hope your court case will go well and that you won't need prozac much longer (as a strong believer in homeopathy, have you ever considered it? It's not only for physical disease but also for emotional and mental).

So to the good bits, oh my goooooooooooood what great news and even greater pics!! Emotion: love GIVE ME KITTENS! Haha they are so sweet and the photos are shot really well. Bathtub one is so funny Emotion: big smile

Anyhow glad you're back and we're here for you Emotion: smile
Aw thank you, it's so lovely to see a friendly face Emotion: big smile

I have not thought about homeopathy actually. I was put on anti depressants straight away because I self harmed Emotion: embarrassed

I've got another photo to share, taken only a few moments ago Emotion: big smile

Nemo having a cuddle with my shepherd Emotion: big smile

I'll be glad once things settle down and I'm back to leading an almost normal life!
Heeey Sarah! I'm happy to hear from you! Punky's right - we've been quite worried and wondering what made you disappear so suddenly. I'm sorry that you have to go through that kind of stuff, and I hope things will settle down for you as soon as possible. By the way, Punky was the one who told me about homeopathy, and I decided to try it too (because I didn't want to take hormonal pills). I must confess it has been very good for me so far. Looks like I'm going to become another strong believer in homeopathy, hehe.

What adorable kittens!! Emotion: love Now I wonder why I was sure Cotton was a boy?! lol Do you know the father of the babies?
The pics are great and it's so nice to see how much Luna grew up. Thanks for popping up and posting them!
Hi Ruslana nice to see you again Emotion: big smile I think I'll have a look into homeopathy then Emotion: big smile

Daddy was another white. I was trying to bulk her up to get her neutered and the madam escaped. What I then thought was her putting on weight was actually babies!
Hehe what a cunning lady! But her kitties made my morning again - I'm like "awww" every time I see them. Emotion: big smile Nemo is too adorable. I love black cats with white "socks", whiskers, and eyebrows. [Luv]
Hello, Sequeena! I'm glad to see you back and I hope the rough time will be over soon. I have a feeling that the cute kittens (as well as all your wonderful pets actually), in their own way, are helping you get over this all! Am I right? Emotion: smile
You are right Lauren Emotion: smile It's lovely to hear from you again!