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How To Attach A Photo To Your Post

Images - Please Credit!

Snake Tank Problems?

Hello, I have a problem with my snake tank where there is drops of water on the glass and in other places and I would like to know how to fix it because I have to clean it everyday...

Turtle Flippin Over?

Hi. I have 2 red eared sliders who are about 6 months old. I keep them in an aquarium with adequate water, a basking ladder, a log of wood and a few big pebbles. They have adequate...

Cats Swollen Problem?

Hi, My cat is 8 month old.Few days ago i noticed that sme poison come out from her ear,after 1 day her whole head,mouth & neck were swelling.After 2 days i found some hole her...

Corn Snake?

I have had my corn snake since February and not once has he ever struck at me or his environment. And recently he has become very aggresstive and is coiling up to the s strike...

What Are The Requirements On Pets Having...

What are the requirements for transit pets in korea? (I have a stopover in south korea before my destination which is in vancouver.... i read korean customs and regulations but...

How Can I Change My Name?

I want to change my name to Rose, thanks (:

I Can't Log In!?

is anyone else having a problem logging in? i've been trying for over a week. sad face

Just Joined

can someone tell me how to put avitar as pix


I am being told that I can not login?

Email Question

Hi I was wondering why I sometimes get E-Mails on activity here, but sometimes not. For example: someone followed me but I didn't get an E-Mail, only saw it when I logged on here...

How Do You Attach A Video?

hi i'm new here i noticed there are youtube videos in some posts, how do i attach one? i don't see an attach a video button anywhere.

Error 5000 Can Not Upload?

Error 5000 can not upload pic or anything else, try several times...

Private Messages Not Available?

Hi I joined just a few days ago so I'm still learning to use the site. Joleen Cohen wanted to send me a private message but she couldn't find how. I tried to find an option too...

How Do U Post...

How do u post a heart

How Do I Start A Poll?

Hello moderators, I wanted to start a poll but couldn't see any option for that. Where do I find it?
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