we have had rescue animals all my life. we now have a girl age 5 ish jackrussel nuterd & a jackrussel cross paterdale nearly 2 ish not nuterd. and a old girl 19 years staffy cross lercher. the problem we have notest is the 2 yongest dogs every cupel of months have a go at each other and we not suer why we are not suer wether it is aggreshon or dominents or somthing else. the yongest dog looks like she gards the back door as if to say this is my yard but then some times the 5 years old can do the same. but never eny problem with the older dog it is just the 2 yongest what can i do to stop this escalating further? i have 4 children and just need some advise or help.
I'd say, first of all you should neuter the youngest dog too. It sounds like they are trying to decide who is the dominant dog. You should be a pack leader for them all so they don't fight for leadership. When they start it again, you should stop it by saying a firm NO and use a spray bottle with clean water to discourage them. Good luck. Emotion: dog