I need some help. I live in Shanghai, China and its impossible to find a proper vet in here. We adopted a new parrot yesterday me and my girlfriend.
A 3 months old beautiful male Eclectus, he is sweet in nature and doesnt bite when we come near him or feed him. We're hand feeding him and he eats great from us. The only thing is that he only screams when he sees us even while eating sometimes, but still eats. He becomes quiet when we leave the room. I was forced to into moving him into the bed room, because he'll be screaming when we sit with him in the living room. Should we leave him in the bed room? We tried to give him a shower today, he was quiet and closed his eyes during shower. Does closed eyes mean anything? First night slept in an open carton box and today all day, but didnt try to fly at all. We got cage today. Chinese breeder said no cage for 6 months, i couldn't resist and felt bad, so went and bought one. I haven't even seen him climb his cage all day, but he loves biting the bars. Only 2 of us at home and we're fairly quiet. 2 times per day baby formula (each time 15 quarters of tea spoon) and Nutribird B14 for lunch : ) No other birds or pets at home, he is across the room from the window. Got him a mid size cage for now and will get a bigger one when he's 6 month (read it somewhere)
Can you please help and let me know what does he means with the screaming when he sees us? should we move him to living room?
How many grams per meal of formula?
Thank you in advance and sorry for too much questions, i would love to get this right from the start.
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Hi, it seems he screams because he hasn't been weaned properly, please read this:


and this:


where there is lots of detail on the weaning process, stages of development in Psittacine birds, the signs that it's approaching weaning age and a lot more. Feel free to ask more question if something is still unclear.
Thank you, thats help
Hi there caimero.

All parrots are social creatures so it's better if he stays in the same room with you. In the evening it is better to take him to another, private, room where he can sleep peacefully. Ekkie babies need 12 hours of sleep each night and he will complain if he is trying to sleep and you are noisy.

I agree with the post above. Improper weaning is what causes baby parrots to scream in most cases. Does he eat solid foods regularly between formula feedings? Try adding more fresh, uncooked fruit and vegetables such as corn on the cob, broccoli, carrots, squash, peas, orange and apple slices. Have pellets and fresh water available at all times. The goal is to have the parrot maintain his weight and health as he learns to eat only solid foods. You'll see when he wants to switch to once a day feedings or quit feedings all together. It's very important to remember that every bird is different and it never hurts to hand feed longer than books suggest. I know birds that got weaned at 3 months of age while the others did it at 7 months. All is highly individual.
Any ideas on toys at this age? any tips or ideas will be also helpful and sure comes in handy

Many thanks guys
Hi again, go with small & easy to hold by foot toys like small balls, balls with a bell in the cente, whiffle balls, crunchy toys, and toys like pine cones, leather, crispy grasses, palm, paper picks, pinatas, wood shred balls, foraging toys, swings, boings... A stuffed animal to snuggle up to is a good idea too. A couple of hanging toys. Consider a T-stand or free standing play gym. Avoid toys that have soft cotton rope. It's easily unravelled, and your baby Eclectus may get serious injury if his feet are caught.
He cant resist when he sees the formula he runs into me and climbs my lap and grabs the spoon handle. he is lovely and behaves well.
Hopefully the screaming when he sees us will stop soon.
The only thing is that we both work 9 to 6. wakes me up at 6.30 morning to feed him, running back home around 12 to give him lunch and we're home by 6, we give him dinner and goes to sleep in an hour. He's going to have his weekends with us.
I lowered his wooden perch yesterday, so today he took a step and stood at the door of the cage when i brought his food and its only been 3 days, he made me smile to honest.

i still havent seen him climbing with his beak at all, he exactly 90 days today
This is a picture of him this morning in the bed room. On his 3rd day standing tall on the door cage.

caimeroHe cant resist when he sees the formula he runs into me and climbs my lap and grabs the spoon handle.
Yes it's a sign he's not weaned... I don't mean to be annoying but have you read the links I posted above? Proper weaning is exceptionally important. If this isn't done properly the bird may develop serious behavior problems in the future.

Many parrot owners work and leave their birds alone during the day, that's not uncommon. What most do is leaving the TV, radio or just some music on (total silence make birds feel uncomfortable as they may think a predator is out there). Make sure it's not too loud but enough for the bird to feel someone is around. Also you can make a CD using your voices. Say words which he is familiar with or which you'd want him to be familiar with. Add some music. When you're off to work, play and press repeat. Other than that make sure the time you do have together is quality time.

Do you leave any nutritious soft foods in his cage that he can easily reach and eat by himself when you're gone?

One more thing about the cage. It looks too small for him. The horizontal space should be enough for the bird to stretch and flap his wings vigorously. Three feet is considered a good width if the parrot is caged most of the time. The height is also important. Most probably you've not seen him climbing with his beak because there's just not enough vertical space and no boing toys or swings hung inside the cage. I know you've just bought the cage but this size just won't work...

A tip: an Eclectus should spend at least one hour out of the cage daily, and longer if possible (of course, don't force him to go out if he's still cautions about the new surroundings and doesn't want to leave the cage).

He's very handsome by the way!
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