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... anyone would think I shout at my cat all the time from that reply!

My cats both know "No!" and "Go!". I never hit them, squirted them, yelled at them or in any way ... very commanding in my voice and use hand gestures. Cats are very smart and pick up commands fairly quickly. -L.

Oh my gawd.. gestural, emotional, and verbal abuse! Call out the kitty police! ;-)

~~Philip "Never let school interfere with your education - Mark Twain"

Ah, how mature of you. Are you 12?

69 yrs. I can call you a silly woman.

So you can. How mature and wise. You sure told me, didn't you? Pot to kettle, come in, kettle.
I have described "violence," Kaeli. I am completely consistant except at your agenda driven convenience. Go suck an egg.

You amuse me.
Thanks for the laughs!

Jesus saves, Allah protects, and Cthulhu
thinks you'd make a nice sandwich.
he's just playing...he doesn't mean to hurt me so much. ... when he's dug his razor sharp claws into my skin.

If you have already tried a scratching post, did you try it horizontally AND vertically? My cat hardly bothered with ... to write soon once I've hung around long enough to see whether my questions are asked a lot already :-)

That's an idea! My cat really does love his scratching post...so maybe I should put some more out.
Thanks for your responses, everyone. I'm sorry it turned into one of those newsgroup flaming wars, though.
I think I'm just going to have to resort to Soft Paws. My cat doesn't respond to any type of punishment. He LIKES water, so spraying him with a squirt gun is a treat.
He's just a wild little thing.
snipBecome proficient in trimming his talons and you will not need to declaw your cat.

~~Philip "Never let school interfere with your education - Mark Twain"