I am looking for help with feeding Eclectus chicks from someone that has first hand experience feeding Eclectus chicks.

I have raised Amazon chicks for several years now and have had no difficulty. I love the thrill of taking that little baby and feeling it pulse in my hand while I feed it. As the chick grows, a bond seems to be made between the chick and myself. As the chick becomes larger it becomes more and more interested in me feeding it. At the weaning age it will still open it's beak and advance towards me to be fed by me. It is this connection that I have used to make every chick that I have ever raised become a totally trusting and sweet little fellow that likes all other gentle human hand and thus being a great pet for it's owner.I fed my first Eclectus chick the same as my Amazons with a little 1CC syringe and he took it right down, He bobbed and vibrated with happiness as the food went down. It was just like feeding Amazons until about 6 weeks when things started to change. At first I noticed that I needed to put the syringe tip into the beak to start feeding. The chick did not mind and consumed the food ok, no more head bobbing just swallowed. Soon there became an actual reluctance of both chicks to be fed having to chase the fellows down in order to feed him.

After fasting all night and being most empty they act ambivalent about weather they want fed or not. This degrading of interest kept increasing. I continued to give them love, and time while eating but otherwise it finally came down to pushing the food into the chick while the chick is trying to escape my clutch and this is most frustrating to me at least. The chicks however have not become afraid of me and will advance at me as if looking to be fed until I touch them to feed them and then the fight is on.

They are now eating on there own and all seems to have ended well. They each way 395 grams (first weight of the day). They come out of the cage snuggle in my hand and are quite eager to take vegetables and pellets from my hand. They seem like they will make both great and tame pets.

Now my frustration is I am now feeding these two birds younger siblings. They are aggressively bobbing and sucking the syringes right down. You might think they were trying to eat my hand at times. I am not looking forward to having this wonderful time go the way it did on the last chicks when they reach the same age. If you feed Eclectus chicks could you please tell me if it just this way or if I am doing something wrong. How do you feed your chicks and how are you doing it?
Thanks, Bruce
PS: thanks to toughs that provided general information about Eclectus chicks when I posted earlier. It was helpful to understand that this my be the nature of Eclectus.
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