Rocky, my white bellied caique has recently changed his behavior regarding bedtime. We are his second owner and he came with a little happy hut which he always sleeps in. Every night when we brought him back to his cage to sleep, he would rush into the happy hut, wiggle his tail and say "Rocky-Rocky" and go to sleep, with his beak up in the air, in the top of the hut, standing on one foot.
Over the memorial day weekend, we boarded our bird at Avian Suites in Richfield, MN. Rocky had all his toys and his bed which we installed in one of their acrylic cages. I should add that Rocky had spent other vacations at Avian Suites, the last one being in early April.
When we got him home we installed his toys and tent into his own cage. On his first night he did not go into his tent but sat outside on a nearby perch. Later he stuck part of his head in the tent but so that his eyes were still outside. This has been going on now for about 2 weeks. He seems apprehensive about going in. I feel bad for him because I don't think he is sleeping as well as he did before.
Any ideas about what to do? In general, his health is great, he plays and eats just like he did before.
Any other behavioral changes? Sounds like he was somehow traumatized in his tent.
Perhaps toss in some millet or another special treat? That could entice Rocky to go into the hut.
But for now, just make sure he has a comfy perch, and he'll go in when he's ready to.
Sounds like something scared him, and he's hesitant. ~Kimberlee