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OMG do you mean one of your hamsters / lemmings are... gone now? Or what mouse do you mean?

Have you made up your mind about the names? I saw a picture of the snakes in your gallery, very nice! Emotion: smile
Oh I think I've realized what mouse it was... one to feed the snakes, right? I keep forgetting that snakes are supposed to eat mice...
yes hehe we put gizmo in the bedroom to do the feeding and the mouse was gone..thining the snake had eaten it we let gizmo out and all of a sudden he starts chasing something! the snake wouldnt eat it and we felt so bad for the poor mouse bleeding to death we gave it to the other snake that had already eaten not a nice death but faster for sure! we have named them verdelet and ordos and of course as with all my pets..they have a thing for being up my sleves Emotion: stick out tongue must be pretty cosey
hi I'm new joined yesterday...
so anyway please go to sssnakes if you have any good names to suggest!
p.s. chigger is pretty cute name!

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