so as many of you know i seem to be getting new pets every couple of weeks and yesterday my husband came home with 2 "baby" snakes (we belive they are about 6 months old) he bought them of a friend to rescue them they have been very bably neglected not fed or cleaned for quite a while. why on earth his friend got them if he had no intenion of taking care of them is beyond me but im glad they are here in good hands now.

we do not know what sexes they are paul had a look but cant tell yet and was only a quick look anyway as we didnt want to distress them having been treated badly then moved... so we are looking for some unisex names for them and thats where you guys come in! after naming all the rodents we are currently out of names! so any suggestions will be appretiated thankyou in advance Emotion: smile
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Hi Kimmeh! You'll never stop surprising me - so easily do you get new pets!! I'm glad the two snakes are in good hands now. Emotion: smile

I've tried to find some unisex names in the net, maybe you'll like one or several:

Cha cha
Chee (Chea)
Frappucino (Frappy)
I had named one of my snakes Vader, not very unisex I know... the other one I don't remember...

Of the list above I like Chee, Stickers is funny! Emotion: big smile Boobos is tricky as people might think you're saying boobies Emotion: wink
Baggy is cute, chigger too.

Good luck!
PunkybrewsterBoobos is tricky as people might think you're saying boobies Emotion: wink
LoL this is what I was actually afraid of! Sometimes names can sound tricky, but I can hardly know it since I'm not a native. Anyway, good to know there was only 1 tricky name like that in the list. Emotion: giggle
Well Booger isn't so flattering either!! Emotion: big smile Ah Lana you make me laugh [Luv]
OK OK I think I've got it... everything that starts with a "boo" doesn't seem a good idea. Emotion: big smile
You could also go with some regular human names ...

Alex, etc.

Go through a baby names book for some ideas.

Ruslana, I kind of like the name Booger. After all a snake is a long stringy greenish thing! Emotion: rofl
I like Alex, Frappy, Chigger... and Stickers. Emotion: smile I've also known a couple of snakes whose names were Zoomer & Zipper.
kim and of my names Emotion: stick out tongue hehe we still havent decided on names and need more practice feeding..the cat escaped the bedroom and caught the mouse and now its bled to death...:/ poor thing but at least it wasnt eaten to death i would prefere acidentel death by cat sure my husband wouldnt mind naming them boobie though Emotion: big smile
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