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Recall didn't matter that day. He was killed by the ... road that afternoon and they never even saw it >happen.

And unfortunately, the nasty "amusement" of deliberately hitting loose animals tends to be more common in rural areas.

I was just talking to a guy Friday whose dog had been run over on a dirt road by neighborhood teenagers. The dog was fenced in but happened to get out. The family's little boy was trying to call him in when he barked at a car on their little dirt access road and the teenagers in the car chased him down and ran him over for barking at them. The teenagers got in trouble for it, but that didn't bring the dog back or erase the little kid's memories of watching his beloved dog be run down. Very sad.

"Anyway, other people are weird, but sometimes they have candy, so it's best to try to get along with them." Joe Bay
I was hoping to get some worthwhile training tips, not a lecture.

Oh. Okay.
Don't let her do that.
Again, I'm looking for some training tips, not a lecture.

Gotcha.Again,don't let her do that.
20 years of experience of living rurally with GSDs with nary a deerchasing incident.

I used to like barbecue-flavored chips, but I have to stop liking them now because you're such a ***.
You are lucky that no one has shot her for this. Most hunters I know if they see a dog running deer will not hesitate to kill the dog.

Yup. And in many areas it's perfectly legal to do so, even if the dog is on your own property.
It's unfortunate that this dog has been allowed to get away with this - since she's experienced the incredible reward of being able to chase & kill multiple times it's going to be very hard or impossible to break her of it. Management (i.e. leashing when she's not in a secure pen) is probably the best bet from now on.

House does your dog respond to gunshots?
At a Maremma stud I visited the owner would fire his gun when any of the dogs became too rough with the animal they were being bonded with, and as Maremmas seem to hate the sound of guns pairing the unwanted behaviour to a gunshot reduced that behaviour.
Although I have not used this technique myself, all my Maremmas have headed for the hills when they see me with a gun (shooting feral cats)

Depends though on how your dog responds.
Well you got both! The options are E-COLLAR or RESTRAINT. Take your pick it's one or the other. It's not something you can train out of any dog easily and even with a E-collar it's going to damned hard. It's instinct and since she's been allowed to get away with it then it will continue until you restrain her or someone shoots her.
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