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your dogs sleep in cages at the opposite ends of the house, because you have no control over them. They won't do you much good if somebody breaks into your house.
And please spare me any nonsense about how pitbulls are not supposed to guard the house or their pack.

I hope that heelps.
this is michael
reporting live...
What I did was take them out for walks or even in our back yard to go potty every 3-4 hours. They didn't have a chance to make a mistake inside. But I forget sometimes that alot of people having dogs are people with children. One could be starting school while a couple more may e older but still in school. Some are one parent families & it's hard on the one with the kids & dogs. While back in 1994 I 51 years old. My sons were all grown up & I had plenty of time. I got to remember that there are families with children & at last one parent is working. Believe me even if I agree about the crates? My apartment is so small there's no way I could have one