To: All British Citizens who care about Badgers
UK Government is considering a badger
extermination programme which is cruel and
inhumane and has no scientific justification.
It is the result of relentless pressure from
lobbying groups in the farming industry.
Millions of pounds has been spent on
research into Badger Culling and there is
scientific evidence that it actually increases
the occurrence of TB in cattle. It is time to
put funding towards finding a Cattle vaccine
for TB. This is the only sure way of eradicating the disease.

Badgers are protected by law in the UK.
Large scale killing of badgers would result in
their extinction and is contrary to the Bern
Convention which Britain has signed.
To sign a Petition against the gassing and
snaring of badgers and more information
To email your MP and voice your objections
Please tell your friends and colleagues to do the same.

Thank You
Tony, Nottingham

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