Hey all, it seems my cat has some problems. Usually, she used to defecate at least once a day, and now it may be three or more days that she doesn't do it at all! What may cause that and what can I do? Any help is appreciated.

Hey Mary,
It may be caused by various reasons... only a vet can tell you for sure. But some food such as the beet could help... try to give it to your cat.
By the way, if she is longhair, the constipation could be caused by some fur in her stomack.
Thank you. It may sound strange but some beet helped indeed! First of all, she didn't refuse eating it although she's pretty pernickety as it comes to food. I mixed beet with meet (her usual food) and she ate. No constipation anymore. Which is more, her mood improved as if she felt relieved!

By the way, yes, she is longhair but it never caused any difficulties before.