Got a 8 year old Kelpie X Lab who got a bad deep scrap to her paw 12 months ago.

Since then she has lick her paw and made the wound worse...it's crated and we have had her to the vet...tried creams and bandaging (She rips them off!), recently had her wearing a plastic bucket...which did guard her for a while but it's been 2 months and she has managed to get at her paw again!

Vets can't offer much...it's her behavior.
Was thinking of something we could put on her wound to discourage licking...maybe on a dressing so she dosen't rip it off?

Help from Australia!
Thank you
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Hi Seashells
I have dealt with a dog with a similar problem, in that it started out with a cut and then the dog continously licked at it for months. After thorough investigation, the problem ended up being that the husband had started working night shift and wasn't spending as much time with the dog as he used to - so in actual fact it was a case of anxiety which caused the constant licking (or self mutilation as it is properly known as but sounds nasty).
Firstly, I will need to ask some questions before giving any advice.
1. When your dog first scraped her paw, did you inadvertently give hermore attention than normal. You must answer this honestly.
2. Did you ever try to comfort her or stroke her bandaged paw - payingemotional attention to the paw?

3. Have there been any changes in your household in the last 12 monthsie new person, new job, changed home, new working times, another dog/cat etc etc. Anything you can think of.

4. In a normal situation, how much attention ie. productive attentionsuch as training compared to just normal petting does your dog receive on a daily basis?

5. How long is she crated for and when?

The above must be answered fully and truthfully if a proper diagnosis is to be made. It sounds like an anxiety problem but I just wish to confirm my suspicions first. In the mean time, whenever she starts to lick at the wound/bandages, distract her with a loud noise each time. Try to spend some more productive time with her doing obedience exercises rather than just petting/stroking for the hell of it.

I look foward to your responses.
Great Southern Land (as well!)
Could be a few things:
Lack of mental and physical stimulation. Kelpies need a lot of exercise! Labs need a lot of exercise! Mental and physical.
There is still something in the wound that is bothering her. Maybe a foreign body was left in the wound before it healed and is still hurting or causing a low grade infection.
She became conditioned through inadvertent enforcement to lick at her paw and this became an obssession.