It's been really hot these past few days and I notice my kitty doesn't really come and sleep with us under the blanket as much, he actually went to sleep in my laundry basket the other day which is made out of a mesh kind of thing, he will also just randomly sit on the floor or roll around on the carpet and is skin is very pink which means he is feeling hot! any ideas on how to help him cool off? I don't really know how to help him because I'm afraid that he'll catch a cold because of the lack of hair too..
Hi Joleen,

In summer 2010 we had the same problem. The weather was extraordinary hot for TWO months (30 to 35 degrees at night, the same in shade during the day) and at some point Barsik began to keep his mouth open to breathe like a dog. He's a longhair, so we trimmed his fur and he began to feel much better (his trimmed pics are here ) although he remained somewhat less active throughout the hot period. He was lazy, ate less, drank and slept more, usually stretched out on the cool floor. Obviously Eliot is already hairless, so I'd think he can tolerate hot weather a little better than haired cats?

Do you have an aircon or a fan? Our fan was on almost all the time.

What I'm also thinking about is providing him with lots of fresh water (which I'm sure you're already doing) and giving him baths a little more often maybe. I've heard some people place a bowl with ice on the floor so the cat can lie beside it if it wants, or they lay wet towels for the same purpose. Bottles filled with cool water can also work. I believe cats can find the right spot at the right distance close enough to help themselves stay cool but far enough to avoid a cold. We have never tried this method though.
I don't know if he can tolerate it much better, because of the lack of hair their body's are built to produce heat, that's why they feel like a heating pad all the time and that's why they are so active so they can stay warm they are a lot warmer then a regular cat even at winter, and I haven't seen any change in activeness he's actually been extremely active the past week .. a bit more then usual.. I can tell he is hot because of the color of the skin on his belly which is usually white and will turn pink when he's been active and his body temperature is high. He's also done that breathing thing last week!! I freaked out! but I let him drink some fresh water and he was alright

We have a ceiling fan but it doesn't make much of a difference sadly, Eliot loves fresh air I think he would enjoy it very much. I love the idea of Ice though! that's actually something I used to do for my rabbits and hamsters in the summer I would put a short bowl with a bit of water and cubes in the middle and they loved it, it did help them a lot! I should try that Emotion: smile
I didn't know about that special thermoregulation thingie in Sphynx cats! That they are warmer than a regular cat and the stuff. I just basically knew they are very sensitive to winter cold and should not be exposed to the sun in summer to avoid sunburn. Anyhow, I'm glad you found that ice tip helpful. Emotion: smile
Is it always like that in summer there? I don't know how you got Eliot but if you got him from a breeder, I'd contact him and ask what he usually does to help the kitties in hot weather. Emotion: smile
I found he doesn't get too cold at winter actually, he does like to cuddle up in your sweatshirt or blanket but he does that year round.. And we moved here almost a year ago from Israel when it just started getting cold my mom also moved to a warmer part of Colorado before we came so its probably even hotter over here then in her older place. so this is our first summer here. Back in israel we lived in a place with a lot of trees and shade so it was never this hot. Thankfully today is much much better and not as hot, he seems to be filling better but I will deff try the ice thing if it gets too hot ! Emotion: smile