I was reading some old posts about hogs and hoggs. I learned the other day that hog is given to a pure hog island boa and hogg is given to a mix of hog bci x other locale bci.
If the island has not longer any boas on it then techinicaly they are extinct in the wild, why would anyone want to mix this locale (should be a subspecies!!!) with any other locale?
It is important to keep the hog island boa a clean line. no muts, mixes or anything. too many people are buying boas and don't know their linage. They don't know who the parents are, the real locale and often end up with something different then planned. a hog might be a great animal for a new boa owner as it's small and docile but a hogg which is born of any other mix could be an animal not loved.

I know a couple that own a female unknown locale boa. the boa is cramped and thus grumpy. the couple just keep it in a box now and feed it a live rat once a week. sad huh.
keep the boa lines clean and don't buy HOGG island boas, ask for proof of it's pureness if the sell says it's authentic and take the responsability
as an owner to offer the best care...IMO

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