Hello all,
I've decided to switch my pets (2 cats and a dog) to holistic food but I don't know what brands I should consider. Are the any that are commonly known as holistic only? Would you please advise some? Thank you.
There are too many to name them, so I googled the term "holistic pet food brand names" and here ya go ... Emotion: smile

I have a list of grain free on my website: http://ibdkitties.net/Food.html Some of these are not holistic but many are and you should be able to tell which ones are, like Nature's Variety, Natural Balance, Merrick, Soulistic, etc.
Thank you for the links. The first one takes me to a page where only 2 results are seen. I know I can google the names but I know so little about holistic food that I'm simply a bit lost. I thought you might advice something that you've already tried unlike me.
I just gave you several names, these are all terrific foods and ones I feed my two cats that are with me today. Are you talking about my link or the link the other poster gave you? My link lists on my site have TONS of products there. Not just two so not sure where you're seeing that.
Orijen is very good. I had my cats on that, but one is allergic to fish, so I switched them over to Nature's Balance. My dogs still get Orijen.

I hope that helps a little more.
I was talking about the 1st link given. I had a quick look at yours but didn't find brand names at once. Now I realize I should have looked and clicked on the right to choose the type of food! Thanks, that'll really help. I assume that page is cat specific?

Thanks for sharing your experience! Yes, that helps a little more.
what a good thread! thanks for that list on your website alfinnlay, looks extremely useful ^_^
Thanks Meercata, I try to keep it up to date! Emotion: happy