My bf is normally home during the day while I'm at work, however since he is travelling back to the states (from Australia) I was worried about keeping the dogs & cat inside all day or having them locked out the backyard. Since I'm renting, I can't put in a permanent doggy door so before my bf headed home we made our own doggy door!

Ok first off we brought a plank of wood and cut a hole out of it...had to make sure Puggles fat arse could fit through it, lol.

(missing image)

If I brought the proper $300 doggy doors then my door would lock into it, however this is my back door security, lol, plank of wood in the door woohoo!

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Puggles checking out the door.

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After we cut the door I realised I wanted to paint this was my colour blend.

(missing image)

Now to add stars, lol even though it matches nothing in my house, I had so much fun!

The finished job. I have a bamboo fly dangly thing on my laundry door, so I took down one of the bamboo strips and Will rethreaded it so that the doggies could have their own bamboo fly dangly thing, lol.

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All up everything cost me about $50Emotion: automobile compared to $300 for the premade hardware one.
Wow!! This is just awesome! How long did it take to finish the door? Looks an artwork rather than a dog door. Emotion: big smile Well done!! Love the shades of the colour.
Thanks! Emotion: smile

It didn't take long at all actually, the measuring and cutting out only took about 30 minutes and the painting of it took about 2 hours because I was mucking around with the design and getting fussy with it lol. Then about another 30 minutes for the beading on the door.

Even when I open up the glass door and the screen door the dogs and cat still run through the doggy door instead. Emotion: smile
Love it! Great job!
Great! I should remember the idea.
You seem very creative! Great door. Emotion: smile