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I was hoping you would go with the name Swiffer. Emotion: smile

We all laughed so hard we almost had housetraining accidents of our own when we read the Swiffer suggestion, but we just couldn't do it. He ended up being Scooter because it just fits. He's kind of a dork and he has short little legs and not much energy so he looks like he is scooting instead of walking. This is especially noticeable when he is next to Sammie, who is sporting a super short haircut so he looks like he is all legs. Scooter also doesn't sound like any of the other dogs' names so he can differentiate it easily.
The girls mostly call him Sdooder. It's a combination of Scooter and Little Dude.
He seems to be feeling better every day. Today he actually got up off the floor to steal Sammie's cell phone when Sammie wandered off and left it unattended. If Sammie loves it, it must be cool.

Tonight was May's first full night, too. Though, when I ... she slept another 5 hours. She's 8 weeks old today!

Aw, man... my sleep deprived brain wants to call foul! But that's really awesome.

I'm happy for him but jealous, too. It hasn't been the case around here for any of the puppies or human babies we had to get a full night's sleep that quickly.
That is very creative thinking. I believe you might have a money making solution to a problem that is so vexing for so many. I wonder if someone makes some sort of biodegradeable artificial turf...

I don't know. We have to have a certain amount of grass out front to keep the fairly uniform look that the HOA insists on, but grass gets harder and harder on my allergies. That's why I went with the artificial stuff. Where I could, I put in flower beds with low water needs plants, so I really save on water now. It's amazing how much water grass takes! In back, I am slowly replacing the grass with ground covers that don't take as much water and I'm not allergic to because the HOA doesn't have the same restrictions on what can't be seen from the street.

I'll have to ask Valentina's family how she is doing.

Just to follow up, Anna's friend who owns Valentina was over today so I asked her how she is doing with the fake grass potty tray. She says that Valentina has really taken to it. No accidents as long as they keep the tray in the general area (upstairs or downstairs) Valentina is in. So now she gets to hang out with them more and be locked in the bathroom less. Yay for Valentina!