Hello all again. When we rescued Quincy he was skinny and dull coated. Now he is well fed and well taken care of. He is clearly a happier dog. We know nothing about his past, but we are concerned about his shots if he had any or not. What do you think would be more appropriate, to vaccinate him or leave everything as is? I don't know how good it is to vaccinate if he has had his shots already. On the other hand I don't know how good it is to have a non vaccinated rescue dog around kids.
Hi just go ahead and vaccinate him. Even if he had shots before it shouldn't have bad effects but you'll be safe. Double vaccination happens a lot with dogs and pups that have been found or come from the pound.
Many thanks for your reply, anon. We spoke with a vet he said what you said so we finished Quincy's shots a months ago. He feels great. Emotion: smile