I bought a couple female violet budgies on the weekend. I don't know how the breeder could tell when the birds are so young, as she said the birds are about a month old, and were weaned a couple weeks before I bought them.
Anyway, the one with a white face is fully feathered, but the yellow faced one has a patch the size of a pea, on her breast about 1 cm below her beak, that has no feathers. Is this in the normal range of variation among young birds, or is there something wrong with her?

In every other respect, the birds seem fine. The eyes are clear; there is no discharge from any orifice; the feet are perfect. They're eating well, and quite active. Apart from that one naked spot, they are beautiful. They get along amously with the 3 year old male light grey grey-wing in their cage (bought at the same time from the same breeder: she had them in the same cage). They engage in "dialogs" with my other birds, which they can hear but not see. Fortunately, these dialogs are comprised of singing rather than squawking. ;-)


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