My dearest friend, Caboo, passed away a few days ago... He was a lovely dog with the sweetest temper ever!! I miss him so much and cannot imagine how I can live without him now... Emotion: crying Emotion: crying I don't think I will ever completely overcome this... he was with me for 12 years, 12 wonderful years. Thanks for reading, I just had to give vent to my feelings...

RIP, Caboo...
Emotion: sad
I feel deeply for your sorrow. It's always difficult to say goodbye to our little friends, but I hope Caboo is in a better place now...
I'm sorry for your loss, I think the best thing is to vent, its a long road getting over a loss like that. My Darling Patches, who I grew up with passed away just over 2 months ago, it's a hard thing to handle, I still cannot talk about him without breaking down in tears, even thinking of him almost brings me to tears. It's a hard thing to lose your best friend, I don't think I'll get over my loss either. I don't think this will help, but just knowing you we are out here suffering from losses too and are here to help if you need anything.

Sorry to hear that you are feeling that way and I hope you find a way to cope with it as it is a hard thing to get over.

(I'm rambling now) Sorry.

RIP Caboo
Thank you for your support...
Rebecca, looks like you really can understand me... I wonder how much time must pass before we can think about our dearest friends again without tears...if any time can help it at all...
did you get to have other pets after Patches?
I'm still trying to wonder that, I can hold myself together a lot better than what I used to but if someone mentions his name I just have to leave the room or I know I'm gonna start crying.

I got a puppy about 3 weeks ago, I don't know why. But I felt like I was going crazy and that all I did was sit around all day and cry. (I had my dog since I was 9 and he was my best friend). But I got my puppy Sheebaa to try and distract myself from the mourning, to give me something to do and so my other dog didn't get lonely. It has been good having her around with the puppy cuteness and stuff, but it still doesn't break away from the thoughts of Patches.

I tried to wait as long as I could before I got another dog, but I just couldn't, I think next time I would try to wait longer, but I just couldn't.

Are you thinking of getting another pet in the future?
I can see what you mean... that's really so uncomfortable to feel this emptiness beside whereas it was full of furry cuteness before... I really don't know if I will get another dog... I mean yes, perhaps in the future, but right now I feel like it will be a betrayal to my Caboo to try to replace him so fast. Maybe I am over-reacting and he wouldn't have taken any offence at me, but... not now. Now my sorrow is still too near.. Emotion: sad
Thanks for your responding, Rebecca, I really, really appreciate it!
i am sorry for your loss anon Emotion: crying i know what it is like because i have experienced it several times too... what can i say?. it's always difficult but in the end, i believe, you will find some place for another puppy in your heart, because when someone is in love with dogs he can hardly live without them ^^ i don't think caboo would offend at you for having another puppy soon... i think he would be glad for you that you can still be happy, and also he would be glad for the new puppy that he's lucky to have such an owner as you!
I'm sorry for your loss, Anon. RIP, Caboo.
Thanks for your support...