Hey all! My cat slipped in the outdoors and had been there for around 1 day. She is 7 months old. Now, I don't know if I should expect kittens or not. How can I check if my cat is pregnant?

~ Mary
You need to take her to your vet as you cannot wait to see if anything develops. You sound completely unprepared so if she IS pregnant my best advice to you is to give her the mismate jab and get her neutered. At 7 months old she has not developed enough to give birth and if she does she could die.
I don't think she could get pregnant just in one day. If she had been on heat before the escape, then yes, she could get pregnant. Now you can only wait if any visible sympthoms occur, or go to your vet and do what sequeena's said. When the danger is over, I would strongly recommend that you neuter your cat in case she escapes again.