How did you get your pet, guys? Whose idea was that, your own or not? Was someone in your family against it?
I got Yoda a few months after my first cat Smokey passed away because I couln't live without a cat (well I could have but you know what I mean...). A friend of mine runs a pet shop and someone just brought her to him saying they found her. He called me up and I went to go see her and fell in love immediately. The same thing happened a few weeks later with Chewy hehe.
Gizmo I got a few years later because I wanted a "big" cat (though he stayed quite small for his breed) - and there you go, that's how I got my pets Emotion: smile
Candy was already with my partner when I met him.

Sky was a joint decision. We wanted another dog for Candy. I picked the breed and colour though.

Cotton was my decision. I was desperate for a cat as my mum has 9. I tried to settle my cats in the new house but they weren't having it so I rescued Cotton.

Luna was my partners decision. I came home to a new pup in my new house!
I adopted my puppy three months agoEmotion: smile

I found myself love dogs since i was kid. I always want a dog. I have dogs in my parents' though not pet dog.

Last year i graduated and started to work. and I lived with my colleague. then she left and I have liven alone since then. I knew it was time to get a puppy. So i searched online and wanted to buy one. then i found actually there were lots of dogs waiting for adoption.

My puppy was abandoned for three times. I'am the fourth master. She is so cute and pathetic that I chose her. We have been together for three months. I have learnt alot in this three months.

BTW, she is my first pet dogEmotion: smile