Hey folk, do you ever clean your cat's ears? I've noticed some dirt in there but I wonder if it's safe to clean at all. Any recomendations, experience? I know cats usually clear their ears themselves, but can we humans be of any help?
I've never done it myself (my cat would never allow me to) but my mom cleans his ears with cotton buds from time to time. You should be very careful though, and to stop doing it at the slightest sign that the cat doesn't feel comfortable. I think it's safe as long as the cat trusts you and you don't try to clean the ears too deep.
Gizmo's ears used to be sparkling clean, but especially Chewy's used to be filthy! So I'd help her out once a month with some soft cotton and a few drops of luke warm water (no water could get in her ear!). She never really minded too much unless I wanted to go spotless and she'd get all annoyed by me taking so long Emotion: wink
There's a product called Vet Solutions for ear cleaning. You can do it with a cotton swab but be careful. I've seen some people clean cats' ears with a gauze pad, which is safer but doesn't go as deep. For a thorough and safe ear cleaning I'd recommend taking the cat to the vet.
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first of punky-gizmo great name Emotion: stick out tongue lol but i agree i would just use warm water on cotton pads if they really are dirty enough to need any product your probably better of just going to the vets anyway but start of gently and dont do it for too long just a few secs and give a stroke or treat after get him used to it then if they do get quite bad in the future he may be able to stomache longer cleans