What are your feelings towards rats? Are they nice or disgusting?
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I think they can make wonderful pets however I do not wish to keep them.

I prefer pets you can give a proper cuddle and walk.
Well... I think they are quite smart creatures but I don't think I will ever consider having one. Just like Sequeena, I need someone furry to pat and cuddle up to. Emotion: wink

When I was about 12 years old, a friend of mine had a white rat with red eyes... yay it was a bit scary even though the rat didn't look agressive. We used to walk it... hehe
To walk it, Lana? Emotion: big smile

Well - I love hamsters, but rats are different. I think they are disgusting...when I think of rats, I link it directly with dirtiness. (That's probably the reason I voted for what I voted)
Yea we walked it. Emotion: wink You know, a little white red-eyed rat jogging on green grass... Emotion: big smile Actually, until I got to know that rattie, I had always linked them to something dirty and malicious too. But after I got to knowdomestic rats a bit closer, they don't look that bad to me. But again, I don't think I'll ever get a domestic rat, hehe.
Lol - Me neither!
Wild rats can be one of the most destructive animals since they spread disease and contaminate food.
But rats that have been domesticated are highly intelligent and very clean believe it or not.
Loveeee them!!! They are so cute. Wish I could have some again, but my parents would shoot me Emotion: big smile Prefer female rats to males though, my two boys smelt rather bad, but my female smelt like "roses" well compared to the boys she did. I kept them in my room Emotion: big smile Which looking back now... Was a tad smelly. Loved my female and miss her badly still! My boys were pretty awesome too!

So I say they are fantastic!!! Emotion: big smile
Aww, you can cuddle rats! Emotion: smile
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