Ok I know how dogs are trained. Food, rewards, praise, and so on. Does the same applies to cats? I've tried to train mine but all he does is ignoring me or giving me odd looks like what the heck does this human want from me. Am I doing something wrong or my cat is untrainable? He's a British Shorthair.
There are books out on how to train and even clicker train your cat. From what I know, the same does apply as with dogs except you need more patience. Cats are more stubborn and independent. Try looking at Amazon.com for a good book and see if there are things you need to do that you aren't doing now. I don't have the patience for it myself, Emotion: big smile
Its actually pretty much the same process as with dogs. You just need to find something your cat really likes and is more likely to be willing to work for. Also make training time short, cats have short attention spans with things like this and will get bored quickly. Clicker training is probably the best way to go about it from my expiriance I use a Clik-R which is 4$ but you can find cheaper ones for a 1$ on eBay. A great book is "Cat Training In 10 Minutes" by Miriam Fields. I got a used one on amazon for 5$. It explains how the clicker works and has very easy to follow guides for basic tricks like Sit, Stay, Down and some more complicated and fun ones like Turn around. It also has some great tips for leash training. It took me about 15 minutes to get my cat to sit on command and I teach him a different trick every other day. He enjoys getting treats and just spending time together. He will actually sit and stay when he sees I have treats because he already knows I might ask him to lol. I belive every cat can be trained some are more willing then others and it does depend on the breed, its just up to you to find what gets your cat excited and make him work for it.