We feed him both canned and dry food, so how much should he eat per day? He's 5 months old and turning 6 soon. He weighs 3 kg!
Are there any instructions of the food packing? Follow them... or let your kitten eat as much as he wants. In this age, they need much energy to grow up.
Kittens' weight can really differ at the same age, it depends on their breed. If your kitty is a usual domestic cat that you might take in the street, then 3 kg at 5 months is just fine. If that was a Ragdoll for example, then this weight would be little.
Hi sounds like he is growing well may I ask what brand of wet and dry food you feed him I have a 6 1/2 month old female ragdoll and weights 3 kg and I also feed her (Adalyn) wet and dry she is a very fussy kitty