I clean up very often, but this doesn't help to get rid of too much cat hair all over the house! Our Richard is young and active and literally runs everywhere. We can't even use towels properly anymore, they're all in his fur. The washing machine doesn't help. We do brush Richard regularly but it doesn't seem efficient either. We love him so dearly but I'm really desperate about the hair! If anyone has some advice or experienced with such a problem, I'll be VERY grateful.
hey sorry about the problem,you say you brush regular? how regular is it long or short hair? long haired kittehs really need to be brushed daily it might seem a pain but it you do it benifits you both * it will take less time if you do it more often *less hair hair will get around! *the hair wont tangle up so much leading to having to get it cut or even shaved off! and it can also be a great bonding expirence i have a short haired moggy but he loves being brushed so much that i do it everyday and i get "fed" up way before him! the only other thing i can say is keep the cat out of rooms you would prefere hair free keep towels ect out of reach. hope you find a solution soon x
Hi thanks for your fast reply. Richard is lonhair, and when I say often I mean every day. Does it mean that some cats have to be brushed more than once a day? o_O I don't think his shedding is because of an illness because he looks completely heealthy (active, happy, etc). Maybe I'm just overreacting and things like this are usual when you've got a pet. Even when we eats, his hair can easily get into food.. perhaps I could just shave him but I am not sure he will like the idea lol.
perfectly normal hunni as i said mine is short hair and he malts alot so imagine a longe hair! dont worry just continue to brush daily and keep doors shut to bathroom kitchen ect if you want them hair free im afried there really is nothing else to do not that i can think of anyway X
I also have that problem. I've not found any better solution but to hoover often (daily). Also, wet cleaning should help... it's tough to have longhair cats. Emotion: smile
Shaving is an extreme means, by the way. I wouldn't do that unless there's a really weighty reason. If weather isn't hot in your place, then the cat may feel cold etc. We actually trimmed ours a while back because it was incredibly hot and he felt bad in his coat, but the amount of hair didn't lessen!
Thank you both. Looks like I just have to take it easy. -.-
Emotion: catei u shouldnt shave ur cat because i garantee u it will get really sick because it wont hav fur and will get cold...its un natural a cat to not have hair and u will be sorry if u have done something bad because u might even loose ur catEmotion: sad
Shaving a cat will not make it sick. I shave my cats and have never had one get sick.