How many hertz is the maximum that cats can hear? I have found conflicting answers. Some sources say 60,000 htz, 65,000 htz, 80,000 htz, or even 100,000 htz. Which is closest?
There are different opinions on that, that's true. I suppose only cats themselves can know it for certain! 60,000 to 65,000 htz is what I've seen mentioned most often.
I think it depends because some breeds have stronger hearing ability's then others
Thanks both of y'all! I'd probably go with 65,000 htz. Emotion: smile
Alissa BlankenshipI'd probably go with 65,000 htz.
Why do you need to know the numbers so accurately? Emotion: smile
I have a website about cats and I wanted to know cause i was writing an article on it. Emotion: smile